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Getting to grips with waste


The new Cat G315B WH Waste Handling Grapple is designed for hydraulic excavators with operating weights ranging from 15 to 22 metric tons. The new grapple is an addition to the Cat G300 Series and is engineered to handle large volumes of low-density material, such as plastic and foam products.

“The addition of the G315 WH grapple expands our current work-tool offering to the growing number of businesses in waste handling and recycling,” says Dick Hermann, Commercial Manager, Caterpillar Work Tools B.V. “We believe this addition, coupled with our technical and application expertise, will continue Caterpillar’s leadership as a global supplier for excavator and wheel-loader attachments. We look forward to providing our customers with enhanced value in support of their waste-handling and recycling tasks.”

To ensure enhanced customer value, the new G315 WH grapple is designed with a large, 800-litre-capacity shell to minimize the number of loading passes and subsequently to reduce the carrier’s fuel consumption—yielding a high return on investment for waste-handling and recycling companies.

The G315 WH grapple features a top plate for mounting an adapter bracket, which allows the grapple to be exchanged among multiple carriers. When used with the dedicated Cat CW Quick Coupler, the grapple can be exchanged in seconds for other Cat work tools. Cat excavators have pre-programmed hydraulic settings to accommodate G300 Series grapples.

Purposely built for waste handling, the new grapple has a low height and features high-grade, impact-resistant steel in its construction. Hydraulic components are fully protected, and the single cylinder, with a cushioning system, provides powerful closing forces for the grab shells. Fast opening/closing operation, coupled with the load-holding valve, yields rapid cycle time. High-quality bushings with lubrication grooves, hardened pins, and internal dust seals enhance durability.

The G315B WH also features hydraulic, 360-degree rotation, enabling the grapple to approach material from virtually any angle and also minimizing the need to move the carrier. The closed shells have a square design that allows maximum accessibility to material, and the smooth inner surface of the shells and their high clearance promote optimal loading. The rotation system’s locking device provides safe transport.

Maintenance panels on the G315 WH provide easy access to main components, and weekly service intervals and easily accessible lubrication points help keep downtime to a minimum. Replaceable, abrasion-resistant cutting edges are standard.

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