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Eyes Wide Open

Wolverhampton-based Spillard Safety Systems is setting its sights on site safety with the launch of the Optronics Wide Eye Camera System, which uses a fish eye 180 degree-view angle camera that will kill blind spots and increase vision dramatically for the driver.

The firm will be targeting demolition, recycling and waste management companies running large fleets of vehicles and looking to improve safety on the roads for all.
Fitted to the underside of wing mirrors, the new camera transmits a much wider field of vision than traditional systems and sends a high resolution picture to a dashboard monitor – ideal for spotting cyclists or other vehicles coming up the side of large vehicles.

“We are seeing more and more instances of adults and young children being injured or killed by large vehicles operating on our roads,” explains managing director Peter Spillard. “And more times than not this is down to blind spots where drivers can’t see or have limited vision of what is around them. The launch of the Optronics Wide Eye Camera System is one step closer to removing a lot of the dangers and will definitely help the sector reduce accidents.”

Spillard Safety Systems has evolved into one of the UK’s largest vehicle safety solution providers to the construction, quarrying mining, waste and commercial industries, with a customer base ranging from global conglomerates to original equipment manufacturers. The company is hoping that its new product will create new opportunities in the demolition, recycling and waste management sector.

“We have been talking to firms that operate in this sector and there is a renewed focus on investing in new solutions that will improve visibility and prevent any future accidents taking place,” Spillard concludes. “Optronics Wide Eye is the latest technology we are bringing to market and we are very excited about the positive changes it will deliver.”

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