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Doosan upgrades large compressors

Doosan Portable Power has launched a new range of large Stage IV compliant portable compressors which are all based on the same platform and are the first to feature a Doosan airend.

The new platform covers five large Doosan portable compressors, namely the new 9/274, 9/304, 12/254, 17/244 and 21/224 models, offering free air deliveries from 21.5 to 30.0 m3/min at operating pressures from 8.6 to 21.0 bar.  The new Stage IV compressors build on the high standards established by the Stage IIIB models, again combining compact size and easy serviceability to ensure a fantastic return on investment.

All the new compressors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 T4F 6-cylinder diesel engine which meets the Stage IV regulations without the need for a DPF.  In the new 12/254 compressor, for example, the QSL9 engine provides 247 kW (331 HP) of power at a full load speed of 1800 rpm.  The 12/254 compressor has a free air delivery of 25 m³/min (883 cfm) at a discharge pressure of 12 bar (175 psi).

Large portable compressors like the new 9/274, 9/304, 12/254, 17/244 and 21/224 models are used to provide compressed air for a wide range of drilling and boring machines for quarrying, mining, site investigation, geothermal, mineral exploration and water well construction work.  They also cover other specialist applications such as abrasive blasting, spray painting and standby and temporary compressed air for industry.

As in the previous Stage IIIB models, the new Stage IV compressors offers the best of both worlds: reduced size and footprint to minimise transport costs and unparalleled service access to optimise maintenance work.  With a length (drawbar up/drawbar down) of 4408/5841 mm, a width of 2120 mm and height of 2497 mm, the compressors offer a compact size that offers advantages for truck-mounted configurations for the compressors.

With regard to serviceability, a wide opening rear canopy together with a removable panel provides easy access to the radiator from either side for cleaning.  The gull wing doors and drop-down side panel also provide unmatched access to the units, facilitating service, inspection and repair.

The right side of the engine compartment offers convenient easy access to the central drains, oil filters, fuel filters and the DEF tank and the separator tank is centralised on this side of the unit.  The separator tank has a swinging lid which allows removal of the element without any further dismantling of the body.  The left side of the engine compartment offers easy access to the engine oil filter, coolant conditioner, batteries and battery switch, the aftercooler (optional) and additional filters.

The low level, wide mouth fuel filler is well positioned and allows refuelling from a jerrycan.  As an option, the filler neck can be placed on the other side or even on both sides of the compressors if preferred.

The new large Stage IV compressors come as standard on a wagon wheel style running gear system, but the customer has the option of either a new fast tow option which allows the units to be towed on public roads or the ‘no wheels’ chassis option, where the machines are supplied in a permanent mount configuration.

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