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Doosan Dozen

Centrocar, the Authorised Dealer for the Doosan range of construction equipment in Spain, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, has supplied 12 new Doosan excavators to the state-owned Agricultural and Environmental Contractor, Tragsa Group.

The 12 new machines comprise seven of the popular Doosan DX255LC-5 Narrow Track crawler excavators and five Doosan DX210W-5 wheeled excavators.

It is well known in the construction sector that tendering for a Tragsa order is often a demanding process, due to the thoroughness of the requested data as well as the professionalism and exact requirements of Tragsa’s specifications. But it was a bidding process that attracted all the leading machinery manufacturers, all of whom were strongly committed to winning the contract.

The Tragsa Group, with four decades of providing services to the community, works in a range of sectors such as agriculture, forestry, livestock, rural development and conservation and environmental protection.

The Tragsa Group has branches in all of the 17 Spanish Autonomous Communities, in order to respond quickly and effectively to any request from the Administrations in these areas.

The Doosan DX255LC-5 Narrow Track excavator powered by a 6-cylinder Doosan DL06P diesel engine providing 141 kW of power and equipped with the necessary auxiliary hydraulic lines for hydraulic quick coupling, rotation, tilt, opening and closing of attachments and working with hammers, ensuring that the team has the versatility it needs to combine the excavator with any tools that may be needed in the tasks they have to carry out.

The Doosan DX210W-5 wheeled excavator, like its ‘sister on tracks’ features the same Doosan DL06P engine, and offers the same versatility as the DX255LC-5 Narrow Track model. The Tragsa Group opted in all five units for the configuration of a front dozer blade and track stabilizers as the best option for their needs.

The 12 units are equipped with high quality Geith hydraulic quick couplers and buckets for digging, ditching and also for shaping, all backed by Doosan aftermarket support.

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