Compaction traction

The LG 504 is the latest addition to Atlas Copco´s forward and reversible plate compactor family. The machine is said to provide impressive traction, particularly on wet soil, thanks to higher frequency, higher centrifugal forcé and higher amplitude. The new models also feature better ergonomics and improved access for service and maintenance. The middleweight LG 504 is equipped with a compaction indicator which helps the user get it right first time.

The new model can handle both deep and medium deep compaction of granular soils and give outstanding traction. Like all Atlas Copco forward and reversible plate compactors, they are an effective alternative and complement to rollers when compacting soil in confined areas.

The design of the new machines follows the new forward and reversible plate compactor family style which is more modern and gives better performance with less impact on the operator.

High speed and machine balance contribute to easy handling, even on rough surfaces. Thanks to the vibration-damped handle, hand-arm vibration levels are low. This combined with better overall ergonomics enable the user to work for longer periods more effectively, staying concentrated on the task at hand. Thanks to bottom plates made from Hardox 400 grade steel the compactors are both light and wear resistant. The smart, self cleaning design keeps rocks from getting stuck between the plate and frame.

Better access to the tank and the drive belt for tensioning make maintenance easy. The oil in the eccentric box can be changed via a convenient opening on the front of the machine. The hydraulic pump is mounted on the engine which reduces the risk of impact damage.

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