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Ultimate dropped call

In the latest of its Built For It series of promotional videos, Caterpillar has given one of its super-rugged smart phones the Felix Baumgartner treatment, dropping it from on high from the clamshell of one of the company’s equally durable materials handlers. And, as if that weren’t proof enough that the phones are almost mind-bogglingly tough, a compact loader then drives over 60 live phones without damaging any of them. Of course, it would take a seriously operator to subject a phone to this level of abuse during the course…

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Ever had one of those days?

Sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be the good Samaritan. There you are, behind the levers of your excavator, minding your own business, when one of your comrades falls. Like the good Marine that you are, you know that no man gets left behind so you leap to the rescue. You gently – oh so gently – lift your stricken colleague back to his feet (well, wheels) only to see all your good intentions destroyed in an instant.

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