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Cat gets connected

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Cat Connect is a new framework for construction technologies and services that helps customers monitor, manage and enhance operations and gain more control of jobsites. Using data from technology-equipped machines, customers get more information and insight into equipment and performance than ever before. Regardless of the size and complexity of the operation or the number of machines utilized, Cat Connect gives customers the flexibility to find the right combination of technologies and services to meet jobsite requirements and deliver business results.

A goal with the introduction of Cat Connect is to make technology and the benefits it delivers easier to understand and apply. In many cases, expanding the use of Cat Connect technologies only requires the addition of proprietary software, and in some instances, easily installed sensors or electronic components. In addition, a key commonality across most Cat Connect technologies is the web-based user interface, VisionLink®. By providing visibility to items like equipment location, status, availability and health, VisionLink helps people in the office analyze information quickly to respond accordingly.

Cat Connect combines technology and services to drive customer value in 4 key areas:

  • Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions) help customers increase uptime and reduce operating costs. Monitoring fuel burn, location and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues such as hours and fluid contamination are just a few of the ways EMSolutions keep equipment running cost effectively. Using defined service levels, customers can work with Cat dealers to choose the support they want to help manage their equipment and improve their bottom line.
  • Productivity helps customers monitor production and manage jobsite efficiency. Using technology to measure payloads and cycle times can optimize production and reduce loading and hauling costs. By utilizing grade and compaction control technologies, operations get done faster with more accuracy and less rework. PRODUCTIVITY technologies and services allow customers to get the most from the machine and the operator, while keeping operating costs at a minimum.
  • Safety technologies and services increase jobsite awareness to keep people and equipment safe. On-board camera systems and object / proximity-detection systems significantly expand the operator’s view point around manned or remote controlled equipment, contributing to a safer environment. In addition, enhanced features such as tire monitoring and off-board safety reporting provide valuable learning and coaching opportunities for everyone on the jobsite.
  • Sustainability helps to reduce environmental impact and simplify compliance reporting. By monitoring fuel burn and carefully managing resource consumption, customers can reduce operating costs and improve jobsite efficiency while protecting the environment.

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