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Bobcat’s True Tool Carrier

Transports i Excavacions Jocar, based in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres near Barcelona in Spain, is a family business with more than 25 years of experience in earthmoving, demolition, compaction, grading and the supply of aggregates.

Company owner, Joan Carles Mora, runs a large fleet of highly utilised machinery, and where compact equipment is concerned, has been fully committed to the Bobcat brand for years.

The company currently has nine Bobcat machines: four Bobcat compact excavators including E10, E32, E35 and E85 models; four skid-steer loaders – three S530s and an S570 and its latest acquisition, a new Bobcat T770 compact track loader.

Powered by the Bobcat D34 diesel engine providing 68.7 kW of power at 2400 RPM, the Bobcat T770 loader has a rated operating capacity and tipping load of 1611 kg and 4602 kg, respectively. The T770 has a height of 2065 mm, a length with bucket of 3597 mm, a bucket hinge pin height of 3353 mm and a width over the tracks of 1981 mm.

“The Bobcat T770 track loader combines an impressive 138.5 l/min hydraulic flow for work with attachments, a dump height of 2.65 m that gives me the ability to load trucks, and good accessibility to maintenance components, backed by excellent reliability and longevity,” says Joan Carles Mora.

“The Bobcat D34 Stage IV engine has surprised me the most with its low fuel consumption. The suspension rollers give me unmatched comfort, similar I would say to that of a wheel loader. The SJC control system has also been a very pleasant surprise because it gives me a variety of driving possibilities in the three speed ranges as well as drift control and optimal hydraulics makes it very productive with the attachments.”

Like all Bobcat compact loaders, the T770 model is equipped with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, allowing it to be combined quickly and safely with over 70 different types of Bobcat attachment, delivering versatility and time-saving efficiency across a huge range of different applications.

“I chose this model mainly for its excellent hydraulic performance to be able to use high productivity attachments,” says Moda. “Our intention has and always will be to provide solutions for our customers and the T770 has allowed us to do this using it with attachments that cover all the needs of our work, including landscaping, roadwork, trenching, forestry and civil works. Thanks to the attachments we have for the T770, there is no work that I cannot do.”

The list of attachments Jocar has for the T770 is substantial. The company has a Bobcat FC200 brushcutter, giving it the capacity to work effectively in forests and scrubland, where there is no slope or undergrowth that cannot be negotiated. Jocar also has a Bobcat WS32 wheel saw for the T770 with which it can cut ditches 25 cm wide and 80 cm deep. The company also has a laser leveller for grading works. There is also a Bobcat 1 m planer attachment allowing Jocar to make repairs to streets in urban areas where larger milling machines cannot work as well as hammer and waste shredder attachments.

“The attachments for me are the main difference that Bobcat offers over its competitors – you can see the years of development work they have put into them, and this gives them their added value,” says Moda.

“We also have a Bobcat R30S backhoe, which can help if we need to dig a trench in a hurry, though we do all the main digging work with the Bobcat excavators. Combined with the wheel saw, this gives us great capacity for trenching in different areas, and we carry out work in the gas, water, electricity and irrigation/landscaping industries.

“By owning so many Bobcat attachments, we have continuous work for the Bobcat T770 loader, which completes more than 1000 hours of work all year round thanks to all the combinations with the attachments.”

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