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Bobcat puts pressure on zoo

A new Bobcat compact loader is keeping things tidy at the Essehof Zoo in Lower Saxony in Germany. The Bobcat machine was chosen by the zoo owner, Gregor Wilhelm, for its compact dimensions, the high hydraulic performance and the excellent lifting forces, as well as the large portfolio of available attachments, that make Bobcat compact loaders like this, the perfect machines for use in zoos.

With its 300 animals and 40 different species living on a ten hectare outdoor area, the Essehof Zoo is a real favourite with the public in Lower Saxony. Gregor Wilhelm is from the second generation of his family to run the zoo, and he is personally responsible for its development, maintenance and operations.

Commenting on the new Bobcat A770 compact loader and its range of Bobcat attachments, he said: “When looking for a successor for our 6.5 tonne wheel loader, the important criteria for me were that It should be as compact a vehicle as possible, with high lifting power and good hydraulic performance. The machine also had to have as low a ground pressure as possible so that the pavements and other surfaces at the zoo are not damaged.”

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