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Bobcat joins rotary club

Bobcat has announced a major new development in the telehandler market. The company has collaborated with Magni TH of Italy, to launch an expanded line of new generation rotary telehandlers for markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Russia and the CIS countries.  

The new Bobcat rotary telehandler range includes ten Stage V compliant models for the European market, with lifting heights from 18 to 39 m and lifting capacities from 4 to 7 tonne. These are complemented by another four Stage IIIA engine powered models aimed at the Middle East, Africa and Russia/CIS regions with lifting heights from 18 to 25 m and lifting capacities from 4 to 6 tonne.

Available to order now with some of the machines already delivered in Europe, the new rotary telehandler range from Bobcat was introduced at an online launch event held on 2nd December 2020. This was a continuation of the Next is Now strategy presented for the first time in EMEA and Russia/CIS at a previous online event in October 2020, where Bobcat launched 48 products in 12 different categories.

The rotary telehandler market continues to grow worldwide. In Europe, for example, the market has increased over the last five years by 23 percent and, in 2019, it reached over 3000 units for the first time. In fact, 85 percent of the global market volume is in the EMEA region.

Invented in the early 1990s, rotary telehandlers feature a rotating turret and four stabilizers, which enable them to work solidly in place with full operating capacity. The 360° turret rotation allows the machines to handle loads everywhere in the working envelop without needing to move. This is an ideal solution in urban areas where spaces are tight and manoeuvring is limited.

Their ability to work from a single point to cover all of a site and the fact that they can be used from the first to the last day of a construction project have made them an increasingly attractive machine for construction sites. Rotary telehandlers are often called 3-in-1 machines as they combine the attributes of a telehandler with those of an aerial working platform and a crane. Applications are therefore mainly in construction (80%) but also in industrial maintenance.

In the cab, all Bobcat rotary telehandlers are equipped with a large, bright touchscreen display with intuitive machine controls. Machine settings are managed over five different pages. Navigating between these pages is extremely easy and intuitive using the touch screen or the jog shuttle.

In Bobcat rotary telehandlers, attachments are almost as important as the machine itself, as they provide the versatility needed on site. The attachments are usually forks (supplied as standard), crane jibs, winches or jib winches, man platforms and buckets.

Most of the new Bobcat rotary telehandlers are equipped with a remote control to operate the machine from the man basket when elevating people as well as operating the machines remotely to enhance visibility and precision at work.

Bobcat rotary telehandlers automatically recognize the attachment they are being paired with using RFID technology, which also uploads the corresponding load charts onto the display. As a result, the machine is ready to work safely within seconds and the touchscreen displays a dynamic load chart which allows the operator to keep an eye on the load’s centre of gravity.

The Limit page also allows the operator to restrict the working zone in three dimensions and limit working speeds for maximum control and safety.

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