Scunthorpe-based AMS Bobcat, the Authorised Bobcat Dealer for Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, has delivered a new Bobcat T40140 telehandler to BJB Lift Trucks Ltd. The new T40140 has been modified for work in hazardous environments such as oil refineries by being fitted with a Chalwyn valve and spark arrestor. It has also been equipped with a lifting hook attachment for material handling work around refinery sites.

“The staff at the refinery using the Bobcat telehandler are delighted with the performance of the new machine,” says BJB Managing Director Pete Harvey. “It has provided advantages over the methods they have used in the past, with greater reach for work such as lifting and positioning tap valves and tanks over bunded walls. And as it is fitted with the Chalwyn valve and the spark arrestor, this makes it ideal for work in virtually any area in a hazardous environment like a refinery.”

The Bobcat 14 m T40140 is based on an easy-to-use design that provides class-leading efficiency and productivity backed by state-of-the-art safety systems. For the T40140 telehandler, the maximum lift capacity is 4.1 tonne and the maximum lift height is 13.71 m. The capacity at maximum lift height is 4 tonne, while at maximum reach (10.43 m), the capacity is 1.3 tonne. Unloaded, the T40140 weighs 10.29 tonne and provides a tilt crowding force of 12300 daN.

The hydrostatic transmission in the T40140 telehandler provides a 95% performance efficiency, providing high power coupled with low fuel consumption. The hydrostatic transmission makes it possible to place a load to the exact mm. In addition to precision, this is an important factor contributing to safety, particularly when loads have to be positioned at significant heights or distances from the machine.

The unique, patented Bobcat side shift system is a standard feature on the T40140 model, ensuring there is no need to reposition the machine if it is not aligned with an opening, providing maximum flexibility with a +/- 700 mm side shift. This is combined with the unique integrated frame levelling system which works independently of the main frame to provide a tilt correction on inclined surfaces of +/- 4o on tyres and up to +/- 12o on stabilisers for safe, optimum positioning of loads.

The T40140 telehandler can be supplied with a wide selection of engine, hydraulic, boom, rear, cab, frame and tyre options. There is also a comprehensive range of attachments for use on the T40140 telehandler, including different types of digging buckets; man platforms; concrete buckets; pallet forks; jibs and winches.