Wigan-based Norwest Plant Ltd, the Authorised Bobcat and Doosan dealer for North-West England and North Wales, has demonstrated a wide range of Bobcat attachments as part of a Tool Carrier customer event organised in collaboration with Doosan Bobcat EMEA on Blue Flag-rated South Beach in the very popular seaside resort of Blackpool in the north of England.

One of the attachments shown was the new Bobcat SC200 Sand Cleaner mounted on a Bobcat T590 compact tracked loader. Compatible with both the standard and high flow versions of the Bobcat T590, T650, T770 and T870 compact tracked loader (CTL) models, the Sand Cleaner adds to over 70 different attachment families available from Bobcat, opening up an array of new applications to the already wide portfolio that can be carried out by Bobcat Tool Carriers combined with Bobcat attachments.

As tool carriers, Bobcat CTLs such as the T590 offer many advantages over wheeled machines, increasing productivity in all conditions with a lifting capacity approximately 25% more than equivalently sized wheeled machines. While wheeled machines may outperform tracked machines for sheer manoeuvrability on hard surfaces, the rubber tracked undercarriage on CTLs ensures improved traction on rough terrain; soft, sandy surfaces and in wet, muddy conditions, providing the owner of the machine with the opportunity to work the whole year round.

Approximately three times less than a wheeled machine, the low ground disturbance of tracked loaders allows them to work on delicate surfaces, such as established lawns or asphalt, minimising damage and reducing the need for tidying up after the job is complete. The increased ground contact area and the lower centre of gravity means compact tracked loaders are generally more stable than wheeled machines, especially when shuttling backwards and forwards. The much better traction of compact tracked loaders provides 15% more pushing force than an equivalently sized wheeled machine, allowing them to push heavier loads without getting stuck. The smoother ride over rough surfaces enhances operator comfort and helps keep loose materials in the bucket. The lighter ride over all terrains also helps to eliminate downtime from damaged tyres.

“The event proved to be a resounding success for Norwest Plant with a lot of our customers taking time out of their busy schedules to attend,” says Jonathan Campbell, General Manager of Norwest Plant. “As well as the sand cleaner, we also presented laser grader, landscape rake, planer, sweeper, industrial grapple, farm grapple, dumping hopper, pallet fork, hydraulic clamp and breaker attachments from Bobcat and a range of other Bobcat tool carriers including the S70 skid-steer loader, E10 and E26 compact excavators and the T36120SL 12 m telehandler.”

“We even had the Blackpool Beach police team try out the Bobcat E26 in a competition we ran; footage can be seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages,” says Campbell. “Such was the success of this event, we have already begun preliminary discussions with Blackpool Council on hosting an even larger scale event in 2018 – so keep your eyes peeled for that.”

“This was a great event, well organised by Norwest Plant, who were able to secure this iconic location in Blackpool,” says Alastair Jones, Bobcat Tool Carrier Expert. “The Bobcat branding was excellent, with Norwest Plant bringing a Bobcat branded exhibition trailer unit to the event, flying two Bobcat flags from the top of the boom of the 12 m telehandler, with more Bobcat flags and banners demarcating our area on the beach, with a full array of brochures and merchandise available for visitors.”

With a working width of 1900 mm, a working depth of up to 200 mm and a bucket capacity of 350 l, the Bobcat Sand Cleaner is a high performance attachment which allows the loader operator to quickly sift sand/soil and collect debris as small as cigarette stubs. As well as cigarette stubs, the Sand Cleaner can also pick up other small debris such as bottle caps, broken glass, pieces of wood, cans, rocks, plastic bags, syringes and seaweed.