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Bobcat at GaLaBau

Doosan Bobcat EMEA will be showing its extensive range of Bobcat machinery and attachments aimed at the horticultural and landscaping industries on the company’s booth at Stand 336, Hall 07, at the GaLaBau Exhibition in Nuremberg in Germany from 12-15 September 2018.

There is a very wide variety of attachments for the Bobcat compact machinery range for use by horticultural and landscape construction companies. In fact, Bobcat offers attachments for almost every application in the market.

A new high performance, top-of-the-range Bobcat telescopic handler will have its world premiere at this year’s GaLaBau. This brand new machine will be on show in the outdoor demonstration area.

Bobcat will also be displaying its new R-Series compact excavators for the first time at GaLaBau. The five models in the new R-Series (E26, E27z, E27, E34 and E35z) were introduced recently at the Intermat show in Paris. The German public will get their first sight of the new 2-4 tonne machines at GaLaBau.

The new product line offers the best possible combination of high digging forces, outstanding stability and effortless manoeuvrability in this category. In addition, the lower weight of the machines makes transportation easier.

“The current Bobcat compact excavator line-up has been one of the most respected product ranges in the industry,” says Jarry Fiser, Product Line Director for Bobcat Mini-Excavators. “Now backed by nearly 5 years of development work, we are raising the bar even further and we are confident that we are now offering the best-in-class machines available.”

The E27, E27z and E35z will be on display on the stand in Hall 07, with the E34 working in the outdoor demo area at GaLaBau.

Bobcat will be presenting its Seven Step approach for successful garden construction and landscaping solutions at its booth – 1. Clearing 2. Excavation 3. Leveling 4. Surface treatment 5. Material transport 6. Topsoil backfilling and 7. Planting and care. The company will show how different combinations of Bobcat machines and attachments offer high performance and efficiency in all types of work required in projects in this sector. Additional solutions for agriculture will also be presented.

Beginning with site preparation, Bobcat will be demonstrating how an area can be quickly cleared of trees, scrub and other vegetation using a Bobcat T590 compact track loader equipped with an FRC150ST forestry mulcher.

A Bobcat E10 mini-excavator with digging bucket and a 1.9 t E19 compact excavator with trencher attachment will be used for the excavation work. The ground will subsequently be leveled with the new R-Series E27z zero house swing (ZHS) excavator using a leveling bucket and a dozer blade.

Bobcat’s S450 skid-steer loader will be exhibited with a landplane attachment providing further surface treatment. It grades and levels in both forwards and reverse directions, and also mills and removes soil. The new R-Series 3.5 t E35z ZHS excavator combined with a digging bucket and grapple will be used to show how materials and soil can be moved around to the required positions.

The 5.0 t-class E50 compact excavator with leveling bucket is ideal for backfilling topsoil. Bobcat will also present the new E27 excavator with an auger attachment for planting work. It not only drills holes quickly and efficiently for trees and other plants but also for posts.

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