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Backhoe boost for Bosnia


JCB has maintained its repuation as one of the industry’s most generous companies, donating machines to help in clear-up operations in Serbia and Bosnia after the region’s worst ever floods. More than 50 people have been killed and tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes after several months of rain fell in just a few days.

Today JCB announced that two 3CX backhoe loaders worth $200,000 would be made available immediately to assist in the massive relief effort. The first machine has been handed over by JCB’s dealer in Bosnia, TERRA BIH with the support of the British Embassy at the dealer’s premises in Sarajevo. TERRA BIH is also providing training for operators of the 3CX backhoe loaders as well as service support for the machines in the field.

JCB Chairman Lord Bamford said: “JCB has a long history of supporting countries hit by natural disasters. The floods in the Balkans have left behind a terrible trail of destruction and I hope the machines being despatched to Serbia and Bosnia will help life return to normal as quickly as possible.”

More than 3,000 landslides have hit Serbia and Bosnia, burying houses and roads. In Serbia, a second JCB machine will be made available by dealer TERRA Serbia and put to immediate use by the Serbian Emergency Relief Committee, clearing the vast swathes of mud and debris which have engulfed parts of the country.

JCB has a pedigree of helping countries affected by major natural disasters. Earlier this year the company reacted to the UK flood disaster by deploying a £750,000 fleet of Fastrac tractors and backhoe loaders to assist with clear-up operations. Last year JCB provided $500,000 worth of machines and generators to the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan struck.

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