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Doosan Portable Power has launched the new Stage IIIB compliant 7/125-10/110 and 14/90 portable air compressors, replacing the previous Stage IIIA 7/120, 9/110, 10/105 and 14/85 models. Combining advanced engineering with new cost-effective features, the 7/125-10/110 and 14/90 portable compressors provide the ultimate in performance, serviceability, durability and convenience.

The 7/125-10/110 model has a new ‘Dual Mode’ feature as standard, with a choice of two pressure and flow ratings on the same machine. By pushing a button on the keypad, the operator can switch between ‘LO’ (low pressure mode: rated pressure 6.9 bar/free air delivery 12 m³/min) and ‘HI’ (high pressure mode: rated pressure 10.3 bar/free air delivery 10.6 m³/min). This ‘two-for-one’ solution replaces the need to choose between different models as used to happen in the past and offers much greater operational flexibility from the same machine.

With a free air delivery of 8.3 m3/min at an operating pressure of 13.8 bar, the second new model, the 14/90 portable compressor, is available for higher pressure applications and can be supplied with a traditional dual pressure switch as an option.

In the new Stage IIIB compliant portable compressors, the control panel has also been redesigned. Switches have been replaced by an 8-button keypad that allows the user to start/stop, load, select HI or LO pressure modes and scroll through readouts on the new MidPort display.

The MidPort system is a new interactive digital display integrated in the tachometer, which allows the user to see selected engine and airend temperatures and pressures as well as features such as percent fan speed and engine load. The MidPort display has three lines with up to 11 characters per line, providing the user with the code number and a brief description of an alert or fault. The LED MidPort power control button also has a time-out feature to prolong battery life.

The new 7/125-10/110 and 14/90 portable compressors are powered by the Stage IIIB Cummins QSB 4.5 water-cooled diesel engine providing 97 kW of power and meeting emission regulations through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after-treatment technologies, without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The new 7/125-10/110 and 14/90 portable compressors cover a wide range of applications, from standard pressure uses found in construction and utility markets to more specialist high pressure applications such as abrasive blasting, spray painting and optical fibre blowing.

The new 7/125-10/110 and 14/90 portable compressors are designed for sale in the markets covered by the CE Stage IIIB regulations, whilst the former 7/120, 9/110 and 10/105 Stage IIIA models are still available for sale outside CE Stage IIIB markets.

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