During February’s Executive Hire Show, A&Y Equipment Ltd will unveil the Yanmar ViO12 mini-excavator for the first time in the UK.

This zero tail swing machine has an operating weight of 1,235 kg and the longest undercarriage in its class at 1,440 mm. The extendable undercarriage from 830 mm to 1,000 mm gives the machine excellent stability as well as a smooth operation. 
Unlike industry standards for this category of machines, Yanmar is using variable axial piston pumps which adapt the flow and the pressure to the load, allowing smoother operation and improving the comfort of the operator. The pump flow and its high working pressure, also enable an improvement in working speeds and in turn overall productivity.

​This excavator differs from the SV08 not only in weight and tail-swing but also the operating controls. The use of joysticks on both sides of the seat enables to improve the position of the operator, therefore enhancing their comfort while working. With the joysticks, the operator also has a better control over the machine movements. Manoeuvrability, productivity and precision are increased. Yanmar decided to use the same tried and tested joysticks as for its heavier mini-excavators. The use of this well-developed system reduces the risk of damages and downtime, whilst increasing the service life.

Further features present on the ViO12 that will make it a popular choice, include; reliable Yanmar 3TNV engine, large opening maintenance hood, separate pedals for the 3rd circuit (PTO) and boom swing enabling the combination of movements and Dual or single action auxiliary circuit. All of this with Yanmar’s standard 3 year warranty.