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When 24-hour real time measurement of noise and vibration levels was required by McLaughlin & Harvey, one of the UK’s leading construction companies, for a building project at Kings College Hospital, three SV212 portable environmental vibration and sound monitoring stations from Svantek were considered the best solution for the job.

Tom Irving from McLaughlin & Harvey comments: “As part of our contractual obligation with Kings College Hospital, the noise and vibration associated with the construction project needed to be very tightly managed. It required 24-hour real time monitoring of both surgical and external environments.”

The Svantek SV212 stations were chosen because they were the most competitive, efficient and accurate way of monitoring noise and vibration on site. McLaughlin & Harvey also liked its robust, compact design. Advanced trigger and alarm functions alert when limits are exceeded plus data can be easily accessed and downloaded for inclusion in the monthly reports required by clients.

In line with the Hospital’s specifications, two of the SV212 stations are installed near live surgical theatres whilst the other is located externally.

McLaughlin & Harvey found the stations easy to install and simple to operate following useful training from Svantek.

As well as building and construction site monitoring, the SV212 is suitable for online vibration and noise measurement, acoustic map making and web-site population.

The SV212 kit consists of a SVAN958 four-channel sound and vibration analyser which is available with both PPV and weighted VDV measurement, with the latest standardised filters. The SVAN958 instrument is installed within a waterproof case which is also equipped with a rechargeable battery and controller.

Vibration monitoring is performed using a SV207B triaxial building vibration transducer with highly sensitive accelerometer (1 V/g) mounted in a robust, hermetically sealed metal base. A specially designed levelling system allows compensation of the ground level slope.

Svantek’s SV212 is also available with the option of a SV208 outdoor microphone kit for periodical monitoring. Protected by a SA277 windscreen, both the SV207B and SV208 are developed for outdoor use and can be connected to the SV212 monitoring station by waterproof connectors.

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