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JCB to the rescue!

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has added a JCB Teletruk to its range of front line fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment. The Teletruk is deployed at waste and rural fires where it is used to move bailed and bulky items to support improved firefighting tactics, reduce the risk of fire spread, improve firefighter and public safety and limit the potential for environmental impact during the firefighting process. It will also be used at fire scenes during the clean up and ‘dampening down’ phase of an operation, where there is…

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Hillside Hauling

Deep in Omaio Forest in New Zealand, Gaddum Construction is using two TA300 Terex Trucks articulated haulers to move end material and metal for road-building as well as shift logs. In spite of the slippery surfaces and steep slopes, the project is now close to completion, thanks to the durability of the Terex Trucks machines. The small coastal town of Omaio takes its name from the Māori word for a ‘place of peace, quiet and tranquility’ – and it’s not hard to see why. It is located on the east side…

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