ConExpo2017 Engines Latest News 

Kubota powers up with V5009

Kubota have introduced the new 5-litre engine “V5009” at Conexpo 2017. Mass production will start from 2020, and the engineering support work starts before to match the application. This engine will be supplied to manufacturer for construction and industrial machines. As the awareness for the conservation of the global environment has increased, emission standards for industrial engines have become more stringent. All industrial machinery manufacturers are now required to build their machine with emission certified engines, or to adopt after treatment device in regard to the required emission level. Kubota…

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ConExpo2017 Latest News Wheel Loaders 

Cat unleashes 986K Wheel Loader

The new Cat 986K wheel loader features a completely redesigned cab equipped with STIC steer and Cat Production Measurement which brings payload weighing to the cab so operators can work more productively and deliver accurate loads with confidence. Combining reliable, efficient loading with multiple lives, the 986K loader helps to improve the company’s bottom line. The new 986K loader serves as a true replacement to the legacy 988F model, offering a low cost per ton option that meets the operation’s production needs. The 986K loader is right-sized and perfectly matched…

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