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AB2000 sticks with Bell

The long-running relationship between AB2000 and Bell Equipment is set to continue, with the purchase of a further twelve Bell 30-ton Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) by Scotland’s biggest privately owned and operated plant hire company.

The investment follows on from AB2000’s decision to buy Bell E-series Articulated Dump Trucks in 2014, which has been an integral part of the firm’s ambitious plans to expand operations in Inverness, Aberdeen and the Central Belt.

AB2000 has achieved year-on-year turnover growth, which has increased its requirement for plant and equipment.  The company’s preference, and that of its customers, has included ADTs designed and manufactured by Bell.

Adam Bruce, owner of the company says: “We choose Bell, because they manufacture machines our customers ask for…and there’s a reason for that.  Bell machinery is sensibly priced, capable, hardworking, reliable and resilient, as our customers testify; hence Bell ADTs now account for 45 of our 64-strong ADT fleet.

“Their machines are excellent tools, and operators report positively on their performance and manoeuvrability; as such, every new Bell ADT we have bought is out on hire.”

Not only have the purchases made in 2015 increased AB2000’s fleet to over 300 machines, it has strengthened the company’s relationship with Bell.

“Our confidence in Bell has grown. Time and experience have taught us that no matter what our customers’ requirements, conditions, or task demands, equipment supplied by Bell is up to the job.

“That confidence also extends to Bell Equipment’s after-sales and customer service. The machines we buy from Bell are put through their paces, so maintaining them appropriately is essential to securing continued performance.”

Adam goes on to comment on Bell Equipment’s ability to support its machinery once sold, and how it’s been a building block in the companies’ strengthening relationship. “Repairs by Bell are performed within impressive response times, and any scheduled warranty services are conducted with skill and efficiency, which means downtime is kept to a minimum, and work gets back on track at speed.”

The quality of our Bell machines and the standard of after-sale care have all contributed to customer demand, as well as subsequent company growth.  AB2000 was recently named as the ‘highest climber’ in the Scottish Business SME award programme – a first for a company involved in plant hire.

There is plenty of positive noise from AB2000 and its all-important fleet.  “2015 has seen further growth and that will continue as the increase in our fleet at the end of last year and the start of this year impacts on the results for the whole year. When we look at purchasing additional equipment we’ll certainly consider buying Bell.”

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